Göran Strandberg Trio ”Mevlana”

Göran Strandberg Trio, that is Göran Strandberg – piano, Svante Söderqvist – bass and Peter Danemo – drums, began to take form after a few sporadic rehearsals in 2019. 
– We noticed that we complemented each other, the sum of our different musical voices created something we liked. A repertoire grew slowly, which mostly consisted of my own compositions written for this particular trio, but also some well-chosen compositions written by others. After a successful tour in Västernorrland 2020, we continued to meet and the idea of documenting it all slowly emerged. During two days in June a year later, we recorded 12 tracks in my studio in Johanneshov.

Bildhuggarvägen 35.
A studio downstairs.
We find ourselves in a garden
different fragrances meet us –
it is a place just to be.
A soft rain falls gently
we unearth
sow and prune.
From time to time 
unexpected winds sweep in, 
an echo from a place unknown.
After two days, there’s a green light
and we leave the studio.
It’s 8 pm.
Göran Strandberg – december 2021

Liner notes
Mevlana (Rumi) was a poet and mystic from 1200–1273
All Music Composed by G. S. Except No 3 by Steve Swallow & No 9 by Mike Gibbs.
Recorded at Bildhuggarvägen 35 in Stockholm, May 2021
Recording & Mixing Engineer Peter Danemo.
Recording Engineer Track No 9 Daniel Nygaard
Mastering by Stockholm Mastering.

Cover Photography by Sylvia Martens
Band Photography by Örjan Fahlström
Graphic Design by Pontus Dahlström.
Produced by Göran Strandberg.
Resonansium Records 2021

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